metteharrison (metteharrison) wrote,

Whose Opinion Matters

List of People Whose Opinion on Your Writing Doesn’t Matter

  1. Your mother, father, or any of your siblings.

  2. Your spouse or your in-laws.

  3. Your own children.

  4. Your BFFs.

  5. Your high school English teacher.

  6. Your college English teacher.

  7. A fancy writer who said once in a talk you remember not to write about fairies.

  8. All the agents who have rejected you.

  9. Someone offering to take your money to give you a blurb, review, or to fix your grammar and “edit” your manuscript for submission.

  10. Your writing group.

List of People Whose Opinion on Your Writing Does Matter:

  1. You

  2. Possibly: your agent or editor.


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