metteharrison (metteharrison) wrote,

Truths from the other side of Publication

  1. The things you think you will get from publication are mostly things that won't come along with it except possibly as a coincidence. You will not be instantly more confident, more important, or feel more validated.

  2. Publication won't mean that your second book will be easier to sell. It may be a great deal harder to sell, depending on how your first book does in comparison to expectations.

  3. Being published means that you will forever be known as the person who published this book. You will never again be the person who could publish anything again.

  4. Being published will largely take away the magic of writing. It will feel more like a job, which is both a good and a bad thing.

  5. Publication isn't the same as happiness.

  6. It is incredibly difficult to write from the heart once you have been published and people offer you money to write what they want you to write.

  7. There will always be a new gauge of “real” success. Now you've published one book, you want to get a contract for a series. Or be a NYT Bestseller. Or win a Hugo or a Newbery. Or write a small quiet book under a pseudonym to see if anyone really likes your writing if they don't know it's you.

  8. You will still have to do your laundry in the morning and put your pants on the same way as everyone else.

  9. Your kids will always think that whatever you do, by virtue of being their parents, is exceedingly dull.

  10. Your dress size will still be the same and your hair still won't do what you want it to do, especially if there are going to be photographs.

  11. New and never before known people will now sneer at you and your work.

  12. People you knew from high school still won't read your book, but they will ask you to read theirs and recommend it to your agent and basically get it published for them.

  13. You will still get writer's block and you will still often think that your work sucks.

  14. Your mother will tell you she wishes you hadn't used that word on page 116.

  15. You will offend people you did not mean to offend.

  16. You will discover that people really, really do not like you.


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