metteharrison (metteharrison) wrote,

What I Wish I Had Known . . . Before I Got Published

  1. The bigger you are, the more people will hate you

  2. If you think you will be happy when . . ., you will never be happy

  3. Most writers do not publish their first book.

  4. Most writers are rejected again and again, even after they have been published

  5. the next big thing is never the next big thing

  6. ellipses and exclamations do not make your writing better

  7. You will likely have no promotion budget

  8. An agent is like a spouse—forever

  9. Most people will not care if you are published.

  10. Be ready to write the next book as soon as you can after the first one.

  11. Have a back-up plan. Have three.

  12. Networking is really just a fancy word for making friends

  13. Pay it forward

  14. Write for yourself first

  15. Don't chase the market

  16. Stop whining

  17. A query letter is just to weed out the crazy people and to make sure you are writing the right genre. Be professional and short.


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