metteharrison (metteharrison) wrote,

16 Cliches to Avoid in Writing SF/F

1. Overpowered characters who can do EVERYTHING and are constantly discovering new super powers.

2. The characters are only powerful, beautiful people: kings, rich people, white people, abled people.

3. A mirror which the character looks into in the first two pages, so that a physical description can be given, even in first person.

4. Prophecies

5. The “Chosen” One.

6. The orphan child who turns out to be the lost prince/princess.

7. A mysterious wizard/guide/mentor who knows everything but will NEVER tell anything.

8. Villains who are evil either simply to be evil or because of some terrible childhood hurt.

9.The feisty/sassy female sidekick who is always there for the hero.

10. Tokenism, so that there is one character for each “race” or kind of magical creature: dwarves, elves, werewolves, vampires, etc.

11. Women who are stereotypes/men who are stereotypes.

12. A prologue with all the backstory stuffed into it.

13. A story that begins with a character waking up.

14. Any dreams. Dreams are so boring. SO, SO BORING!

15. The “youngest ever” child to do anything.

16. Characters who learn how to do things twenty times faster than anyone else who has to study for years.

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