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10 March 2016 @ 10:13 am
Distracted Writer Life  
I miss a lot of things as a writer. I suspect that no matter how many things you try to get to, to try to have a real life as a writer still, you will always miss things as a writer. And it's weird to make excuses sometimes because you know, I control my own schedule.
Why did I miss that important thing? Well, I was sitting at home, writing. Did I have a deadline? Well, sort of. It's not always like that. Sometimes there's a deadline imposed by other people. Sometimes the deadline is imposed only by need to get this story down, to finish this scene, to do right by this character who came to me and trusted me to get her voice right. It's not always a book that will ever be published. And yet, I'm still committed to the writing of it. Because I'm a writer and that's what I do. I sit down and write.
My kids laugh at me because they leave in the morning and I'm sitting on the couch, writing. When they come home from school, there I am, still writing. I DO leave the couch. I take a shower. I exercise. I get dishes and laundry done. I sometimes run errands if I can't avoid them.
But mostly I'm just doing those things with the rest of my body. My head is still writing, always writing. Always distracted, Always in another world. Always thinking about using dialog real people say in my book, or how to describe that expression or what that experience feels like from the inside.